Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ahh Vegas!

It's been near 100 degrees here for the past two days and as much as I love Vegas the only thing that has made it bearable is the fact that I have worked about 30% of the time and chilled out the other 70!!

Today I got to use the Spawish gift certificate that my mom gave me for my birthday. And if you never do anything else to pamper yourself ladies, put a spa visit on your calendar at least once every two months.

Today's the Summer Solstice, and the heat is on!! And because we all know fried skin is so not sexy, I picked up some more philosophy shelter for the face from drugstore.com.

SPF 15 sunblock

To sweeten the deal I couldn't resist these luscious Body Milks with Yogurt from Voglia di (which means "craving for" in Italian!)

I got the Melon & Watermelon AND the Pear & Chocolate (and a free bath shower & FREE SHIPPING to boot!!).....mmmm!

Stay Savvy! (And Sweet Smelling!)