Saturday, June 18, 2005

A Little Somethin About Me

Being a single _ _ something girl in the 21st century aint half bad most of the time. I have a decent job that although sometimes is a pain, allows me to travel all over the country (on my companies dime) and pays the bills! Who said you can’t be savvy and have it all just the way you like it, when you like it? --- Not Me.

I want it all and I deserve it. I work hard and I like to play hard and shop even harder. And why shouldn’t I? I believe that we women need to spend more time pleasing ourselves.

My life's creed is "Make No Apologies: Live For You". This type of attitude really comes in handy.

Like tonight for example, when I'm staying home to watch
Benny & Joon again and munching on some excellent caviar that I normally serve only for special occasions and not feeling an ounce of guilt because it's how I really want to spend my Saturday night.

Tomorrow is Father's Day! I kinda feel sorry for the dads because the gifts are usually pretty lame!! But my dad has really lucked up this year. Instead of the usual tie, brunch & sitting in front of the tube watching the game, I got him a golf card membership so he can hit the links on the cheap with extra perks all year long!!

Stay Savvy!!