Thursday, June 23, 2005

My guy Damien

I love him. We have been friends since grade school and even though we went to college on opposite sides of the country, we have remained close.

He has a new girlfriend and he says that she is THE ONE so he asked me to help him plan a little surprise "Pop THE Question Party"!

First things – the ring! We have been looking for weeks and finally he decided on a serious bling blinga!! (This girl had better be worth it!!)

Anyway, I got these great
cocktail party invites from Chelsea Paper (use code KHHF5 for $10 of a purch of $50 or more)

Cocktail Party Invitation

While I was there I also picked out this funky note card set for myself!
Savvy Note Card

My mother will be so proud that I am doing my part to resurrect the lost art of the handwritten note!!

Stay Savvy!!